Common Core ELA Cheat Sheets

I was tired of flipping through 50 pages to figure out what a certain standard was, so I decided to make this 1 page “Cheat Sheet” that has every Common Core ELA (English Language Arts) standard on 1 page. .

This FREEBIE has Common Core ELA Cheat Sheets for grades K-5!!

I keep this cheat sheet in the back of my ELA Lesson Plans Binder. It has been extremely useful. I find myself constantly looking at it when I need to know what a certain standard is.


There is one “cheat sheet” for each of the following grade levels:
• Kindergarten
• 1st Grade (Grade 1)
• 2nd Grade (Grade 2)
• 3rd Grade (Grade 3)
• 4th Grade (Grade 4)
• 5th Grade (Grade 5)

Each 1 page cheat sheet includes every standard in the following English Language Arts strands:
• Reading: Literature
• Reading: Informational Text
• Reading: Foundational Skills
• Language
• Writing
• Speaking and Listening

Take a peak at the format below. 🙂


If you need the same kind of cheat sheets for math, look no further! Click the link below!
Common Core Math Cheat Sheets for Grades K-5


(A big thanks to Glitter Meets Glue for the cover design, Graphics From the Pond and Creative Clips for the borders, and KG Fonts for the title fonts.)

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9 thoughts on “Common Core ELA Cheat Sheets

  1. These are awesome!! Thank you!! I plan on handing them out to parents as well at the beginning of the year. Any chance you have created or come across Spanish versions of cheat sheets?!

  2. Thanks! I am almost done with schooling and a teacher friend of mine referred me to your site for ccss at a glace! This is such a time saver

  3. Any plans on developing these for 6th grade? Many elementary schools are K-6. It would be super-helpful. If not, do you know of a handy resource? Thanks!

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