Just a Little Binder Obsession…

Do you remember being a freshman in high school?  In the morning, you would go from class to class carrying around all of your textbooks and binders that you needed for every class before lunch. There was no time to stop off at your locker or you would be late for the next class.  You weren’t one of those freshmen? Well, I definitely was.
Fast forward 10 years later…I became that same freshman in my first year of teaching, only this time around I accumulated that ugly binder collection. I have been dubbed by my colleagues as “The Teacher with 100 Binders”.   So I have a binder obsession..especially view binders.  So what?
As you can see from above, I got a little crazy with the sticky Avery address labels and it wasn’t pretty! Since I recently discovered how easy it is to apply cute binder covers/labels, I promise they will look more like this in the fall:
Common Core Binder Obsession IMG_9169 Thanks to this freebie on Teachers pay Teachers, I have already given my first makeover. I bought these 26-Tab Avery Dividers. Each divider/tab is a different Common Core Standard. I’ve already started to compile resources for each standard by putting printables in sheet projectors and popping it into the right section/standard in my binder. Who knew that the 26 tabs would be a PERFECT fit?
VOILA! Binder-Obsession-Common-Core-Tabs


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So Excited to Join the Blogging World!

I will be going into my 2nd year of teaching this fall and I’m loving it! I will be using this blog to share new organizational techniques that I want to try, tips for selling on TpT, classroom management strategies, and successes/failures during the school year.
During my first year of teaching, I taught academic intervention. I taught small groups of students in grades K-5 at some point or another in the year. It was a great experience as I learned so many different strategies from all of the teachers in the school.