Who is Common Core Galore and More?

Who is Common Core Galore and More?!
Well, I’m a 20 something gal educating the youths of America at the elementary level. In my first two years of teaching, I have successfully taught every grade level known to man. I have also gathered many opinions on various educational topics. These topics revolve around my experience inside of the classroom, as well as outside of the classroom.

I’m turning into a technology geek as I love all things “techy”. This includes creating various teacher resources that I sell on Teachers pay Teachers under the name “Common Core Galore and More”.

In the past year, I have also discovered a love of writing through this blog. I like to keep it real when I write, maybe a little too real…:)

2 thoughts on “Who is Common Core Galore and More?

  1. Finally, someone who tells it like it is! I don’t want to be the martyr/teacher that I was educated to be. I want to be an adult, with free time, good relationships, hobbies and a clean bathroom. I have no problem being hardworking and passionate about my job, my students deserve it. My students don’t deserve a stressed out teacher.

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